Our Product Keys:

Renewable/Sustainable Resource
A resource which can be sustained at current levels if current consumption trend continues. As conventional plastics are derived from oil, they are not sustainable resources. Paper and board derived from properly managed timber is a sustainable resource.
Biodegradable items are those in which the degradation results from the action of naturally occuring microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae.
Where products are correctly described as compostable, this refers to their suitability for treatment in a commercial composter where they are exposed to the optimal amounts of sunlight, temperature and moisture to break- down in a set period of time. The European Standard EN13432 is one of the most globally recognised accreditations for composting, and outlines the criteria a product must meet to be considered 100% compostable.
A product or material is recyclable if it can be separated, collected and reprocessed into a new product.
Custom Branding/Printing
Custom Branding/Printing
A full custom printing service is available for the product. Minimum order quantities and set up charges will apply.
Pallet Pricing
Pallet Pricing

Pallet pricing is available for the product. Please contact us for details.

Our products are largely manufactured from the following environmentally friendly materials:

Sustainable Paper

Sustainable Forest Paper is procured from forest sources that are managed to ensure long term viability of paper products in a way that is both considerate of the environment and local communities.


This fibrous material is the waste that remains after plant stalks are crushed. Through a pressurised moulding process, this material can be used to form a number of packaging items that are fully compostable.


Polylactic Acid, or Polyactide, more commonly known as PLA. Our PLA products are made with Ingeo™ resins by NatureWorks. Made from rapidly renewable plant resources means that Ingeo used in foodservice packaging has a significantly lower carbon footprint than the fossil fuel based polymers that it replaces.

Recylced Plastic (RPET)

A number of our products are produced from post consumer waste which reduce landfill deposits, and the amount of fossil fuels used in the production process.

Palm Leaf

Palm leaf products are made from nothing but naturally fallen Indian palm leaves. It’s a renewable and compostable material that is pressed into a mould using heat and water to form a usable bowl, plate or platter.